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Friday, April 2

Follow Friday: The Georgian Index

The Georgian Index is a web site, not a blog, and it doesn't look pretty. It was designed in the early days of web design when choices for backgrounds, images, and fonts were limited, and the last update was made in 2006. But the site contains a wealth of information that is still fresh and usable. When you scroll to the bottom, you will find an index of topics listed in alphabetical order. Here are a few tidbits of information:

Bingley Danced the two Second and the two Fifth Dances with Jane: The couples in an English Country Dance generally formed what was known as a "longwise set for as many as will" by standing side-by-side in two facing lines with all the male dancers on one side and all the female dancers on the other side. The "longwise" dance formation suited the space in a long narrow public assembly room.

The Regency Fete: A long table for two hundred of the most honored guests was set up in the Gothic conservatory designed by Thomas Hopper. The vault of the conservatory was hung with lanterns and an illuminated crown with the letters GR hung above the Regent's chair.

Servant Bells: In the living areas, a piece of tapestry ribbon disguised the bell pull. A copper wire, covered by the piece of tapestry, ending with a brass loop hung from the wall. A tug on the brass loop carried the tug along the copper bell wire to a spring at the other end with a bell mounted on it. When the spring in the lower servant area of the house vibrated from a pull on the wire, a bell would ring. The bells were usually mounted on the wall of the hall outside the kitchens.

For those of you who are inclined to spend a few hours exploring, enjoy!

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ChaChaneen said...

Oooh this looks like fun Saturday morning reading coming my way... with a pot of coffee of course! Thanks for sharing!