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Thursday, April 1

Helena Bonham Carter Reads Excerpts of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

Click on this link to listen to Lady Catherine DeBourgh's confrontation with Elizabeth.

Mrs. Bennet, with great civility, begged her ladyship to take some refreshment; but Lady Catherine very resolutely, and not very politely, declined eating any thing; and then, rising up, said to Elizabeth,

"Miss Bennet, there seemed to be a prettyish kind of a little wilderness on one side of your lawn. I should be glad to take a turn in it, if you will favour me with your company."

"Go, my dear," cried her mother, "and shew her ladyship about the different walks. I think she will be pleased with the hermitage."

Elizabeth obeyed, and running into her own room for her parasol, attended her noble guest down stairs. As they passed through the hall, Lady Catherine opened the doors into the dining-parlour and drawing-room, and pronouncing them, after a short survey, to be decent looking rooms, walked on.

Her carriage remained at the door, and Elizabeth saw that her waiting-woman was in it. They proceeded in silence along the gravel walk that led to the copse; Elizabeth was determined to make no effort for conversation with a woman who was now more than usually insolent and disagreeable.

"How could I ever think her like her nephew?" said she, as she looked in her face.

As soon as they entered the copse, Lady Catherine began in the following manner: --

"You can be at no loss, Miss Bennet, to understand the reason of my journey hither. Your own heart, your own conscience, must tell you why I come."

Elizabeth looked with unaffected astonishment.

"Indeed, you are mistaken, Madam. I have not been at all able to account for the honour of seeing you here."


ChaChaneen said...

ha ha I lurve that seen!

Nonna Beach said...

That scene is one of the best in the book. I love the way Elizabeth holds her own with Lady Catherine and then endures questions from her family and uncomfortable teasing from her father. Just one more reason to love Lizzie Bennet !!!

Blarney Girl said...

OMG!! HBC is absolutely brilliant in that reading!! Did she only read the one chapter or did she do the whole book?? I'm not much on audiobooks (my mind too easily wanders), but her voice just seems perfect for the characters!