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Sunday, April 4

Jane Austen Movie Fashion Throwdown: Bonnets

Today is Easter, a time for celebration and family, and wearing hats and bonnets. Which bonnet is your favorite? I chose the three that have always caught my eye.

Front view (above), Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet at Rosings. And (below) back view.

Kate Winslet as Marianne, Sense and Sensibility, 1996

Carey Mulligan, Isabella Thorpe in Northanger Abbey 2007. Front view (top) and side view (bottom).

Which bonnet do you prefer?
Jennifer Ehle, 1995 Elizabeth Bennet
Kate Winslet, 1996 Marianne Dashwood
Carey Mulligan, 2007 Isabella Thorpe free polls


Nonna Beach said...

Jennifer E.'s Bonnet...
This costume and bonnet combo are perfection !

kharizblue said...

Most Stylist

Hellsbells said...

Would you know where I could find a pattern for creating Elizabeth's bonnet? I love it!