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Wednesday, April 7

Mr. Collins Proposes to Lizzie

Mr. Collins' proposal to Lizzie shall always remain one of my favorite scenes in both book and film:


Connie Onnie said...

My older brother read Pride & Prejudice because his wife loves the 2005 movie. But after reading it then watching the 2005 movie he was upset because they got Mr. Collins all wrong. But once he watched the 5 hour version he was satisfied.

Enid Wilson said...

I watched a crime story with the actor who played Mr. Collins in 1995P&P. (Forgot his name) He was a clergyman in that TV show as well. Poor, he probably got stuck with the profession, after his "brilliant" performance in P&P.

Steamy Darcy

Kaitlin Saunders said...

I just re-watched the 5 hr BBC Pride & Prejudice for the 1000th and every time, I get something new out of it. :)