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Friday, May 7

Follow Friday: Jane Austen Society of America

What could be more appropriate than to urge Jane Austen fans to follow the various Jane Austen Societies? They exist all over the world, but the one we will feature this Friday is the Jane Austen Society in America with all its affiliates, such as JASNA Central New Jersey or JASNA New York or in Vermont!


Ceci said...

When will we have a Jane Austen society in France? :(

Southerner said...

You could set your own up. Get some like minded friends together , write a constitution, hold regular meetings.etc. Have a look at the web sites of other societies. I'm a member of JASA the Jane Austen Society of Australia. Yes I do live in Wimbledon, South London. It's a long story.I write articles and provide pictures for their twice yearly Chronicle.
Once you have got your society up and running give me a call and I'll organise a guided tour of all the Jane Austen sites in Hampshire for you. If you have some time I could include Bath, Lyme Regis and the London sites too. However I always think Hampshire is a good place to start. That's where Jane started and finshed after all.

All the best,