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Saturday, May 15

Skottie Young's Cover for Sense and Sensibility

The artist describes on his site how he came to create a cover for (what I presume is) the comic version of Sense and Sensibility. This cover would intrigue me enough to purchase the comic.

"My editor dropped me a line this week and asked if I'd like to do a cover for Sense & Sensibility. I didn't even think, I just said yes. I knew it would be a great chance to experiment with mood and a feel that doesn't translate to superhero or fantasy style comics I'm used to doing. It was a nice challenge and very fun to play with a new technique. Or at least new to me..."


Princesa Nadie said...

I love Jane Austen...I have read the most part of her novels and I have seen all the films that have been made about them
I am relly happy to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog!I am a Jane Austen's fan too..!

Anonymous said...

You may or may not find my site interesting, but I know you can't deny Jane.

Vic said...

Hi David, Love your blog. I write about it at Jane Austen's World.

Thank you for stopping by PrincesaNadie and Cranberry!

foobella said...

Love the artwork. I could get lost in all those lovely grains.