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Wednesday, June 16

Jane Austen: Seen on the Blogosphere

Sally Lunn's Buns: A Recipe

Jean from The Delightful Repast shared her recipe for Sally Lunn's Buns on Jane Austen's World, and a short history of tea during Jane Austen's era. Jean's version of the bun is smaller than the behemoths one can obtain in Bath, but they are tasty nevertheless!

Lemon Cake With Lime Curd and Pomegranate Topping

This recipe sounds delicious, and comes courtesy of JASNA New Jersey via Facebook.

Emma 2008 Walllpaper: Quite lovely. Click on this link to download it.

A Visit to Jane Austen's House

M.E. Foley visited Jane Austen's House and wrote an interesting blog post about it, publishing a large number of pictures. Not to be outdone, our very own Tony Grant posted his thoughts about his visit to Chawton Cottage on his own blog, London Calling. Mark Whitfield Photography visited Jane Austen's house as well and interestingly concentrates on two prints of the era instead of interior shots. I love these personal bogs posts and photos from different perspectives.

Fireplace in Jane Austen's bedroom at Chawton Cottage, taken by Tony Grant. Jane and her sister, Cassandra, shared the bedroom, and one can imagine them chatting at night near the warmth and light of the fire.


Southerner said...

"Lemon Cake With Lime Curd and Pomegranate Topping."


I can taste it in my imagination.


PS Anybody know a wicked recipe for coffee cake? I'd kill for coffee cake.

Hilden said...

I love that wallpaper you posted. It's beautiful.

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve lemon! In fact, I'm making a black bottom lemon cream pie right now for Father's Day weekend. Yummy!

Gosh, coffee cake recipes? I've got several based on ingredients I have on hand. Hmmm, let me get back to you on that.

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