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Wednesday, July 7

Austenblog's Fabulous Redesign

Austenblog, has morphed from snark to cluebat, and I LOVE it. I must admit that I was missing the old banner with its dainty teacup, Jane Austen font, and snarky by-line.

A number of months ago Mags experienced problems with her blogging platform and had to resort to using a generic WordPress template as a temporary stopgap measure. But on its 6th year anniversary, her blog has re-emerged to look simply splendid. Her cluebat sits front and center.

Congratulations, Mags, queen of the Jane Austen blogs. Love, LOVE, LOOVE!!! that pink.

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Posted by Vic


Mags said...

Thanks! Glad you like it. I missed the old design, too, but I had been thinking about doing something new, anyway.

nigel said...

Vic, I think you have the one and only best online Jane Austen presence in the Universe!