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Saturday, September 25

Neo Regency Men's Hairstyles

Roger wrote a post on Neo Regency Men's Hairstyles for the Below are his descriptions of the Prince Regent's hairstyle and the modern version of it.

The Real Deal: King George IV had cool Regency hair. Check it out: it's typical of the period in so far as it's cropped quite short and has a distict wind-blown look about it... his hair's all combed forward onto the forehead and kind of tousled. I guess the bangs are the central element and they're cut at brow length with plenty of texture.

The Neo Regency Look: Chace Crawford's hair is an example of Neo Regency today. It's short on the back and sides with a longer textured fringe, swept forward and piecey, making his hair a bit like an updated Caesar cut too. Some hair product is essential for creating the texture and making the bangs a little wispy, but don't use too much or you'll risk looking greasy.

To read the rest of the article, go to this link.


Anonymous said...

Loved the men's hairstyles. I think it's important to have an idea about customs of the time and fashion. It really helps to picture Austens characters more well as others.

Armani Mens Suits said...

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Nonna said...

As long as it's clean, most hairstyles for men are O.K. with me, past and present, powdered wigs excluded. A lot of the cutting edge stuff ( and colors )now I just cannot get into, ( for either men or women ) !