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Wednesday, September 8

Sense and Swoonability

Henry Tilney and Catherine Morland

Lilie from Elizabethan has assembled her "best-of" rankings of actors who portrayed Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, and other classic author characters. Categories include, Blondest Counterparts, Most Odious Mr. Collins, Least Swoon Inducing Heroes, Best Plain Jane, Best Hand Kissing, Best Kiss. Do you agree with her assessments? Click on this link to view them.

John Thornton and Margaret Hale


nigel said...

Hi Vic,

Interesting and clever web link but I do not think my comment (on the link's blog) that most gentle readers secretly desire the intentions of a love pirate, rather than the repressed sexuality of regency manhood, will be published.

What ever happened to Rhett Butler as a role model?

Vic said...

Nigel, you wicked man. She posted your comment!