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Tuesday, September 28

Wuthering Heights Stars Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley Are Engaged

Kathy and Heathcliff (Charlotte Riley and Tom Hardy)
Tom and Charlotte hit if off from the moment they met on the set of Wuthering Heights, and now they are engaged. Considering his appearance as Heathcliff, I'd say that Tom cleans up well. Very well.
Charlotte and Tom shortly after their engagement
Tom and Charlotte at the Inception premiere, July 2010
Read more about the couple in the article from People magazine.


Nonna Beach said...

Life imitates art again...hopefully it will be a happy life together here on earth for them, unlike the characters they played onscreen. They had to wait for death to be reunited !

Gina said...

What a nice-looking couple! You're right, he looks much better as himself. :-)

Ruth said...

They make a gorgeous those pics of them shortly after the engagement and at the Inception premiere, they look so happy! Wishing them all the best!