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Wednesday, November 24

Regency Fashion Plate

Cabrio4 sells Regency fashion plates on EBay. This seller features plates we have seen online before (usually the Ackermann fashion plates), but also rare images that rarely see the light of day. Take this 1799 image of three fashionable ladies, for example.
1799 London walking dresses, from Fashions of London and Paris

Here is the description:
A very scarce plate from Richard Phillips' 'Fashions of London and Paris' featuring London Walking Dress from June 1799.

This was a very rare publication, which ran from 1798 to around 1810 and during that time published a series of very distinctive fashion plates, many of which were drawn by Adam Buck. Others were lifted straight from 'Journals des Dames et des Modes' (the Parisan side of the plates).

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