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Saturday, November 20

Tacky Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Ah, Wills and Kate are getting married. The tacky wedding souvenir trade is relishing the opportunity to go wild for the next year or so. Click on this Daily Mail article.
The ubiquitous china plates and cups
Gawker offers a funny look at the Royal Wedding Souvenir industry

Kate Middleton porcelain thimbles. Hah!
Wills and Kate: Here Comes the Kitsch

The Royal Wedding Souvenir trade has had a dubious tradition


Jenna Chastain said...

Yes! Thank you, everyone keeps posting these pictures saying they can't wait to get their set. Gag me.

Southerner said...

Kate Middleton thimbles!!!

Is that to protect her from a little p....? No,no I can't bring myself to actually the type the word. Although I'm sure William hasn't got a small one.

Yes, this sort of tacky stuff isn't good. My family have a few cups and mugs collected over the generations from various royal weddings and coronations. Children tend to get given them at school. You can't escape over here!(AAAAAGH!!!!)

Nonna Beach said...

The supreme example of cheap and tacky !!!Kinda fits some of the Royal family in my opinion and I generally support the Monarchy in Great Britain.

I feel that Queen Elizabeth is a sterling Monarch and has devoted her life to a position she never sought after or wanted. She was so young when she became Queen and has performed her duties with grace, courage and love for her people and country !

Queen Elizabeth has been sadly tainted by the embarrassing things her children/ spouses and grandchildren have done over the years. My hope is that this wedding will bring her happiness and heal some of the past wounds !

Amused said...

This are too funny - the thimbles especially!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Thimbles? Yes!

DonnaRoseHouchen said...

Right you are!! Tacky is the 1st thing that comes to mind with that awful Aynsley that came out a minute after the announcement!! I have a little collection of royal mugs and would like to add something nice for the upcoming Royal Wedding. I'll wait for the right souvenir!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many low quality porducts on the market - so ugly, poor Will and Kate! The only ones that a worth having are the official ones, they will always look good. Love the ones here - even the tea towel is nice!