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Tuesday, December 14

Edward Morland's Unmistakable Smile

Whenever I see older movies with children I wonder if they continued their career as an actor, and if they are very different from that time, etc.

I know that not everyone appreciates the 1987 Northanger Abbey film version of Jane Austen's novel, but I find it amusing and I loved the boy who played Catherine's brother. They called him Edward, which is wrong, but never mind. I remember him smiling, looking a bit like a rodent, and yelling: "Cathy, Cathy!"

Well, I found the boy, I mean, the actor - Oliver Hembrough.

Now ... and then
His smile remains the same, does it not? Read more about him in this link: Oliver Hembrough, IMDb.
Links on Oliver Hembrough on Facebook.

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