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Friday, December 3

Friday Follow: Costume Chronicles

The latest edition of Costume Chronicles is out. Click on this link to download the PDF document.

In this issue: The Modernization of Jane Austen, Persuasion, Bride and Prejudice, Dashwood Sisters, First Impressions, and many more!


Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

OK. Call me an idiot, but heck if I can figure out how to read the Costume Chronicle. I am scratching my head and wondering why these folks want you to download a PDF file? Are they trying to save money on website costs? The web part looks beautifully designed, so I am totally baffled why they make it so difficult. Any advice?

Vic said...

Yeah, it's tough, LA, and it is a PDF document. First click on current issue, then click on download, then click here to start download, and the PDF document will start to download. Give it a moment and check your download file. It does puzzle me why you have to take so many steps! Vic