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Wednesday, December 8

A Husband's Funny Take on Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy

I adore Scott Herhold, although I have never met him. But a man with a sense of humor and fifteen years of  patient tolerance towards his wife's crush on Colin Firth must be adored and cherished. According to Scott:
"My wife can cue to exactly the point on our DVD where Mr. Darcy, beset by his love for Elizabeth, dunks himself at Pemberley.
The repetition of this scene has injected continuing life into the Colin Firth iconography in my household."
Scott even knows which sequels and prequels are in his wife's library:
"We've got the whole oeuvre of Darcy books: "The Second Mrs. Darcy" and the "Darcy Connection," both by Elizabeth Aston, and "Mr. Darcy's Diary," by Amanda Grange."
And he recalls with evident humor the time she went to the Santa Barbara Film Festival expressly to see Colin:
On the red carpet
In our case, Colin-mania has gone further yet. My wife, her sister and a friend went to the Santa Barbara Film Festival last spring to meet the British god himself.
Prevailing on her contacts at a party rental service that was contributing to the reception, my wife wheedled an invitation to a private meet-and-greet with Firth.
And yes, he was everything he was advertised to be -- tall, thin, handsome, impossibly charming and willing to pose for pictures.
Click on Colin, go jump in the lake. Wait, don't! to read Scott's charming, tongue in cheek homage to his wife's continuing crush on Colin Firth.


Mystica said...

His wife has taken it to another level it is true, but there are lots of us who share her feelings!

Enid Wilson said...

I read it at AHA and it was hilarious. Poor man, he must hate the site of any ponds.

Fire and Cross

Anna said...

Oh, to hear that Colin Firth is irresistible in real life, too!! And there are many men who share the writer's feelings, too!

Shauna said...

I love his gentle & humorous take on his wife's (and so many of ours as well) British crush. Thanks for sharing.