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Sunday, December 26

Jane Austen Thank You Throwdown

Happy Boxing Day!

I have wrote a post for Jane Austen's Portuguese readers asking what Christmas gift they would give, if possible, to Jane. There were many responses: from paper to laptops, from books to flowers, from washing machines to time machines, from a real Mr. Darcy to Mr. Lefroy, from paying all her books' royalties to simply saying that she is a successful writer today.

If  you could give her a gift, what would it be? Please leave your comment. In the end, all we want to say is: thank you, dear Jane!

Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen em Portugues


Southerner said...

I'd buy her a new pair of walking shoes. Last years pair must be worn out by now and a bottle of Klein Constanzia, only for medicinal purposes you understand.


Meredith R. said...

I would give her the gift of more years of life, which is impossible, but it breaks my heart to know that she died so young.

Jean at The Delightful Repast said...

Not a Christmas gift, just a gift--I would give her my beautifully bound boxed set of her works. Only to give it to Jane herself would I part with it! And I would present it to her at one of my most elaborate afternoon teas.

Enid Wilson said...

The gift was wrapped perfectly (in your photo). I think I would give JA a laptop for writing. She can edit as much as she liked, without the pain of recopying the manuscript.

Fire and Cross

Raquel said...


perhaps a plane ticket to Brasil?

Not forgetting old Constantia, of course!

Raquel said...


it breaks my heart too...

Raquel said...


I think she would be delighted with your afternoon teas. Your recipes look gorgeous!

Raquel said...


a laptop would be a perfect gift!

PS: the gift was wrapped with love