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Sunday, February 20

Jane Austen Fashion Throwdown

Which outerwear would you prefer to wear? A spencer, a short military style jacket, or pelisse, which was longer.

Short spencer jacket

Walking dress with pink pelisse and parasol
Walking dress with blue pelisse and shawl

A longer pelisse.

Which jacket do your prefer?
Short spencer jacket
Longer pelisse free polls


Anna said...

I personally find the spencer more elegant, as it goes well with the empire line dresses. However, I would have thought they wouldn't cover enough on most days, considering the English weather!

one said...
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one said...

Tough choice.

May I abstain on this one because I am not really into wearing female fashion but I do not mind period costume.

Hhmm.... something maritime?

Nonna Beach said...

I love the longer coat...guess because of the long coat Jennifer E. wore as Elizabeth Bennet in 1995 version of P & P while walking at Rosings with Col. Fitzwilliam.

Anonymous said...

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