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Friday, March 25

Friday Folly: Ticky Tacky Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Ah, the whacky world of royal memorabilia. Note the Kate and Wils fridge. 
The Royal Wedding Memorabilia Sick Bag From Paper Heart

Or for the love of your life: Royal Wedding condoms, souvenir edition

Have you seen ticky tacky souvenirs to top these? Please share!


Anna said...

Wow, the tack! The sick bag is hilarious.

Miss Laurie said...

Wow! These are so over the top! A sick bag? And the "crown jewels" just takes it from tacky to inappropriate. Wow!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Jenny Allworthy said...

Bwahahahaha!!!!! The fridge thing is obviously Photoshopped but the others are hysterical. Are the sick bags in case you have had too much media coverage of the wedding and it's making you nauseous? And the condoms are if the wedding is making you feel romantic?

Vic said...

Actually, Jenny, the panels are available. (Either that, or I am a gullible creature.)

Nonna Beach said...

I think all this wedding stuff is just weird and very tacky...but I did get a good laugh over the sickness bag ( should have made those for Camilla & Charles wedding )