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Sunday, March 20

Jane Austen Throwdown

Today's question is simple and in honor of Sense and Sensibility's 200 years of publication: Will Marianne Dashwood ever grow up? Does Marianne mature with age and temper her sensibilities? Or does she remain largely the same despite the passing years, and become a thorn in Colonel Brandon's side?

No, Marianne will essentially stay the same. People might grow older, but their personalities don't change all that much. She will remain high strung and selfish all her life. Poor Colonel Brandon will have a handful to deal with throughout his marriage.

Yes, Marianne will mature. She is only seventeen and highly romantic, as the young tend to be. Her marriage to Colonel Brandon will temper her, and she is a good It is unrealistic to expect that people are exactly the same at 34 as they are at 17. Colonel Brandon will not be like Mr. Bennet, abandoning his wife to her silliness, but will take an active part in her growing up.

I can't decide. Marianne has many good qualities - that of loyalty to her family, for example - but she loves too much and her emotions get the better of her. The truth is somewhere in the middle. There will be times when she acts her age, but she will always be histrionic.

Will Marianne Dashwood Ever Grow Up?
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Tee said...

Although I love the story...Marianne remains character I have little sympathy with and on a bad day very irritating!!

Miss Laurie said...

Yes, she will mature. I remember once reading that Colonel Brandon was very similar to Marianne when he was younger but changed becoming cautious with age and life tragedies. The more I read the more I agree with this and think that if Colonel Brandon could be changed by life's circumstances and the maturity that come with age and experience then Marianne can too. I think she's made a promising start at the ending of S&S and I think the change will continue under Colonel Brandon's loving hand. She has sense which is something Mrs. Bennet didn't have much of. At worst Marianne will turn out like her mother who was kind and loving and a sensible wife to her husband. Teenagers are often likened to two year old, they will grow up and mature. This was an interesting topic!

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Nonna Beach said...

Yes she will change ! Women always change throughout my experience, men rarely do.

Lily said...

I agree with you that people age but their personalities do not change that much. Hopefully, they will gain some wisdom and maturity in the process!