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Sunday, May 29

Jane Austen Trip Throwdown

Scenario: You are in London for a week-long vacation, and you have only one full day planned for a tour outside of Town. Where would you book your visit?
Steventon Church. Image @Tony Grant
  • Steventon, Jane Austen's childhood home and the place of her birth, where she wrote her Junvenilia, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey? You can still enter the church where she was christened and attended Sunday service.
The landing on the stairs just outside Jane's bedroom in Chawton Cottage.
Image @Tony Grant
  • Chawton House and Chawton Cottage, where she wrote her mature novels Emma, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park? The Jane Austen House Museum is located here.
Candle snuffer, Bath. Image @Tony Grant
  • Bath, a city she disliked but featured in Northanger Abbey and Persuasion? The Jane Austen Centre is located on Gay Street where she once lived.
Winchester Cathedral. Image @Tony Grant
  • Winchester and Winchester Cathedral, where she spent her last days and was buried.
I'd take a day-long excursion to
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Miss Laurie said...

Tricky choice! I would probably clear my schedule and visit all of them! Failing that Chawton would probably be my first choice.

~Miss Laurie
Old-Fashioned Charm

Nancy Kelley said...

I was lucky enough to visit all but Steventon on my recent trip to England, so if I went back, that would of course be my choice. However, if this was my first trip and I hadn't seen any of them before, I would choose Chawton. The presence of the museum really boosts it into the #1 spot.