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Friday, June 24

Friday Find: An English village named Sherrington

Just recently, Tony Grant, who acts as a guide in Jane Austen country for tourists, took a Canadian family to Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath. Tony wrote:

To Sherrington, Church Lane. Image @Google Street View
"One of the ladies had family that originated from a little village between Stonehenge and Bath called Sherrington. She asked if we could stop there on the way to Bath. It wasn't far from the A36, the main road to Bath. however it felt as though, within a mile of coming off the main road we had entered an idyllic, picturesque dream like world. The village was in the bottom of a valley hidden from the outside world by great green folds in the landscape. It was indescribably beautiful. It was another world. And the sun shone on us from a blue sky and bird song was all around. It felt as though we had gone to heaven."
Tony's pictures are mostly of Sherrington church, called St Cosmas and Damian and the interior shots.

I added images created through Google street view. They have the soft, fuzzy edges. Wikipedia says this about the village:
"Sherrington has the remains of a motte-and-bailey castle, presumed to have been made late in the 11th or early in the 12th century. 
Sherrington had a parish church by 1252 and it was dedicated to Saints Cosmas and Damian by 1341. [The church] was completely rebuilt in 1624; the new building includes the early 14th century east and west windows of the original building. It has a bellcot that was added in he 19th century. 
The village has a large mill pond."
Whilst virtually traveling through Google street view, I saw only a picturesque place. No fast food joints. No nasty 21st century signs.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!


Enid Wilson said...

I love watching Escape to the Country from UK. The show helps people to find country houses to move to. Some of them are so cute, remind me of the Inn of Lambton.

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Chantel said...

How beautiful -- than you for sharing these peaceful and pretty pictures!

Jenny Allworthy said...

The village has a swan who posed in the pond for Google street view? Now that is impressive.

Sounds like a lovely day and a lovely place. Thanks for the mini trip to England. I may come back to these photos occasionally to clear my head of the 21st Century!

Janefan said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of the town of Dibley in "The Vicar of Dibley"

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

I can hardly imagine a place with no fast food joints or nasty 21st century signs! Gorgeous! I wish Britain would say No to all the American chains; can anything be done about that?

Southerner said...

Jea, I agree. KFC and MacDonalds are not exactly promoting heallthy eating and a fit and strong population even if they appear to have campaigns to the contrary.

If you go to Bath there is a KFC and a MacDonalds but you would be hard pressed to find them. Their strident LOGOS are very much subdued on many British High Streets , not all I must add, but in beautiful historic places they have a very muted presence. I suppose you can't stop businesses opening. There has to be a some sort of free market to create wealth and work.

Tahitian Pearls said...

Like these pictures, also the parish church is so authentic, what a breath to be in this village rather than london city.