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Monday, June 13

Jane Austen Back-to-Back Throwdown

Modified image of a Gerald Scharfe illustration
for The New Yorker.**
This is a first for Jane Austen Today, gentle readers, but I could not resist offering a back-to-back throwdown. It has been reported that Jacketcopy will produce a steamy version of Pride and Prejudice (as if that concept is new). Pride and Prejudice as a bodice ripper? Would you read such a trashy ripoff  intriguing novel?

Pride and Prejudice as a steamy bodice ripper
Yes, I'll read it
No way
Only if I can get it for free
Still thinking free polls

**Original Illustration, Gerald Scharfe - The New Yorker, Everybody Loves Jane


Nonna Beach said...

No way...aren't there any writers out there who can create original Regency stories instead of just recycling and stealing and demeaning classic books to make a buck ? Apparently not !

Jenny Allworthy said...

To anyone who said yes, have you read Linda Berdoll's The Bar Sinister, now renamed Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife? It is a P&P sequel, not a retelling of the original story but boy is it steamy! Apparently Mr. Darcy is quite something in the bedroom!

I haven't read any of her others, but I imagine they would be pretty racy too.

Mags said...

Is this the eejit who claims "This is the novel Jane Austen would have written if she had the nerve?" Then, absolutely not, and that's why--not the sexytimes.

Amy L said...

Why that is practically blasphemy!