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Tuesday, July 5

R.I.P. Anna Massey, an Unforgettable Mrs. Norris

Anna Massey as Mrs. Norris in
1983s Mansfield Park
Gentle Readers, sad news. Anna Massey, who gave us an unforgettable portrayal of Mrs. Norris in 1983s Mansfield Park, died of cancer a few days ago. Anna was a talented British actor whose roles were memorable no matter which film she acted in. R.I.P. talented lady.

More About Anna Massey:
Anna Massey, 1937-2011
Another view of Anna as Mrs Norris


Antiques And Teacups said...

We just saw her as the blind woman Nazi sympathizer last week in Agatha Christie's The Clocks on PBS with David Suchet as Poirot. A wonderful actress.

Sunday Taylor said...

What a sad loss. I read about it in the New York Times today and realized I have seen her in so many British productions, especially on public television. She was a wonderful actress.

MarySimonsen said...

I loved Anna as Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Ernest.

Elvina Herewood said...

I recently saw her performance in Agatha Christie's The Clocks. But I also remembered her as Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca starring Jeremy Brett. A great actress of our day. I'm deeply sadden by her loss.

RosieP said...

I've been watching the 1983 version of "MANSFIELD PARK" for the past few days. I had no idea that she had recently passed away. RIP, Ms. Massey.