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Wednesday, July 13

A visual trip to Lacock Village

Gentle Readers, Contributor Tony Grant of London Calling has just returned from several tours in which he escorted travelers to England around Jane Austen country. He has taken some wonderful images of Lacock, the picturesque village in Wiltshire that has served as a backdrop in so many costume dramas, including as Meryton in 1995s Pride and Prejudice and the recent PBS productions of Cranford. Enjoy!

All images, rights reserved, Tony Grant


Dana Huff said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love the house with the blue door.

emmsifop said...

I went just last month! It is the sort of village you can imagine on a Christmas greetings card. I went with a friend who is a tourguide of film locations in Wiltshire and she said that when filming Cranford, they had very few cosmetic changes to make for the set. It really is a lovely place to visit.