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Tuesday, August 23

Colin Firth's New Film Projects

Colin Firth and Tom Hardy Encoded in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I can't wait for this film, as I was mesmerized by the novel.

Carey Mulligan (l) and Wendy Hiller and Leslie Howard in 1938
And how would you like to see our hero in My Fair Lady opposite Carey Mulligan (who looks so much like the young Wendy Hiller, who played opposite Leslie Howard in 1938's Pygmalian)? Colin has expressed a desire to play Henry Higgins. Be still my beating heart.

Colin as Henry Higgins?

Colin as Henry Higgins
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Nonna said...

Loved the novel !
I find it interesting that Gary Oldman's name is above the title...his agent must have made a sweet deal for him to get that billing. ( great actor, but not one of my favs )

As for Colin playing H.H. Is it the musical or not ? After "Mama Mia" and the lousy singing ( except for 2 in the cast )it would be hard to watch and I never liked the ending of MFLady either....left me flat and cold every time !

Vic said...

I think that Colin would probably sing/speak the part as Rex Harrison did. I read somewhere that Keira Knightley had begun singing lessons when she was being considered for Eliza. I am so glad that Carrie is on board.

Nonna said...

Thank goodness Keira K. is out of it...I prefer Carrie too ( if she can sing ! )