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Tuesday, August 30

Collin Firth VS. Alan Rickman?

Who will be the Anglo Fan Favorite for 2011? Click on this BBC site to vote!!

"In one corner, we have Alan Rickman. As Die Hard‘s roguish Hans Gruber, he claimed ownership of the Accent of Evil, a prize he’s held for a quarter-century. He menaced a whole new generation as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies. But who knew the 65-year-old star commanded such a fervent fan following? If you didn’t know, consider yourself educated. The Rickmaniacs are not to be played with.

On the other side, you have Colin Firth, representing a far “nobler” breed of Britishmen. In 1995′s Pride & Prejudice, his quiet suffering and sopping wet underclothes got viewers hot and bothered, but his Oscar-approved performance as King George VI in 2010′s The King’s Speech signaled his arrival as the Fine British Actor of our time. For much of this week, his defeat at the hands of Doctor Who‘s David Tennant seemed assured, but a late surge lifted him into this week’s finals. Can Colin go Firth into the winner’s circle?"


Ruth said...

There is no comparison. Alan Rickman FTW.

Mimi Foxmorton said...

No contest.
Collin Firth.
His Darcy is burned into the memory of every girl who has ever had the pleasure..........

Jenny Allworthy said...

I say it is a definite tie. Who could choose?

BTW typo in your header. Colin with one L.


HerbieGrandma said...

Mr. Darcy but this was a hard choice!

Nancy Kelley said...

That's a very, very tough choice--one I'm not sure I'm willing to make. Can't we just declare it a tie?

Beth Elliott said...

Rickman's eyes.... Firth's voice

can't decide: make it a tie, please

Enid Wilson said...

LOL, I like your commentary. Perhaps you can comment on races in future.

Now, I've to head over to vote for Colin. You go Colin!

Every Savage Can Reproduce

Sarah said...

Colonel Brandon beat Mr. Darcy!