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Saturday, August 27

Rococo Gown for Sale at Second Life Marketplace

Are you addicted to Second Life and to costume dramas? This rococo gown is for sale at the Second Life Marketplace for $1.58 USD.

I've tried Second Life several times. My avatar has gone through a few strange experiences, plus it is a memory hog and slows my computer to a crawl. Does anyone out there like this virtual world? And why?


Hungarican Chick said...

When my husband traveled I would roam around SL for a while. I had fun setting up a nice manour, and bought myself a lovely friesian to ride around on, bought little riding habits and lots of regency style gowns. Then I started running into people, and SL is replete with WEIRDOS. So I stopped using it when I acquired an SL stalker.

Georgiana Penberg said...

I am a regency lady in Second Life and have been for almost a year. We had London 1805, which was the only place to roleplay that time period, in all of SL. Unfortunately, London was a victim of financial problems and was shut down rather abruptly. Now I spend all my time in Caledon, which is a Steampunk/Victorian themed set of incredibly well-done sims, with intelligent residents. Yes there are weirdos everywhere, but you can mute, block or Report anyone who harasses you so it really isn't an issue. I recommend that all newcomers come directly to Caledon Oxbridge University and take the extensive self-paced tutorial there, and then at the uni there are free classes in everything from clothing design, to Avatar Safety (see above.)
I host a Jane Austen book club, which has been on summer hiatus. I hope to resurrect it this fall. If anyone reading this would like to try SL, yes, you do need a pretty beefy computer or it is slow. If you download the client, log in using "advanced" mode so you can actually DO things, and then come find me and I'll help you out.