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Thursday, August 4

A Visit to Windsor Castle

A trip to Great Britain for the first-time visitor means a visit to wondrous Windsor Castle. I visited that grand edifice the year after QE2 talked about her annus horribilis in her Christmas message of 1992 after the fire at the castle and the disintegration of Charles's and Diana's marriage. In 1993 I saw Windsor Castle and was bowled over by the renovations that had been completed, for I saw very little fire damage. Tony Grant recently visited Windsor and graciously shared his photos with me. I was brought back to my visit and most intrigued by the Irish Wolfhound.
Changing of the guard
Irish Guards
Marching past
Windsor Castle
St. George's Chapel
Interior, St. George's Chapel
Images submitted by Tony Grant, London Calling


Isa Merino said...

I visited Windsor Castle the last year, and I was very impressed. It was GREAT, Wonderful. I liked it. I recommended the visit, totally. And I visited Eton too.

Kisses from Málaga (Spain)

Isa Merino
Chawton St.

Southerner said...

The weather was lovely that day. We've had a bit of rain since.