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Friday, September 16

Fabulous iPad book apps

Rand's MS in her own handwriting
These iPad book apps include authors' notes and source materials that will enhance your reading pleasure.
"One of Ayn Rand’s most famous works – Atlas Shrugged – is one of the newest books to get the iPad app treatment, with the iPad version released Sept. 13. And the part that may appeal to those who clutch their well-worn paperbacks when faced with a Kindle: the “Atlas Shrugged” app comes, like other iPad book apps, with a multitude of interactive features like rare photos of Rand at work, video and audio excerpts of Rand speaking about her book, and notes from Rand’s journal about passages in “Atlas Shrugged.” - Read the rest of the article here.
One can only imagine what informative source materials come with Jane Austen novels! 

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