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Sunday, September 11

Which Jane Austen Character Would You Murder in a Mystery Novel?

Gentle readers, I just held a book giveaway contest on Jane Austen's World. In order to win Tracy Kiely's Murder Most Persuasive, I asked readers to comment on which character they would most like to see murdered off in a murder mystery. The answers are not surprising. In this week's throwdown, please choose three character who most deserve to die a suspicious death.

Plot away!!

Which Jane Austen Character Would You Murder in a Mystery Novel?
Mr and Mrs Elton
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Lucy Steele
Mr. Collins
Miss Caroline Bingley
John Thorpe
George Wickham
Fanny Dashwood nee Ferrars
Mrs Clay, Persuasion
General Tilney
Maria Rushworth nee Bertram
Mrs Norris
William Elliot
Fanny Price
Mary Bennet
Lady Susan
Mrs. Ferrars
Sir Walter Elliot free polls 


Melody said...

Fanny Price?! Well, I never!


Raquel Sallaberry said...

Lucy Steel. Ever.

Oh, my... today I am bit bloodthirsty...

Karen K. said...

That is a tough one -- someone who doesn't get his or her comeuppance. Fanny Dashwood is at the top of my list, since I think Caroline Bingley has to live with herself after she loses Darcy to Elizabeth Bennett. And Aunt Norris gets stuck with Maria!

Isabella Thorpe is pretty awful as well.

{oc cottage} said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat question! Muuu-huuu-uuuu-waaaaaaaah! ;}

m ^..^

Anonymous said...


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Lili said...

I voted for Caroline Bingley...i hate the b*** lol