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Tuesday, October 4

In Willoughby's Arms - Theatre

This year is the Sense and Sensibility's bicentenary, so we must have a little pleasure.

How about Willoughby's arms? In the theater, of course!

1) Sense and Sensibility, in Butleigh Manor, Somerset, by Chapterhouse Theatre Company.
Marianne Dashwood — Heather Mason
Willoughby — Simon Kent
Elinor Dashwood — Cassandra Hodges
Edward Ferrars — Ed Pemberton
Colonel Brandon — Ash Baines (more here)
2) Sense and Sensibility, in Silicon Valley, by Theatre Works.
Marianne Dashwood — Katie Fabel
Willoughby — Michael Scott Mclean
Elinor Dashwood — Jennifer Le Blanc
Edward Ferrars — Thomas Gorrebeeck
Colonel Brandon — Mark Anderson Phillips (more here)
Posted by Raquel Sallaberry, Jane Austen Português


katie eggeman said...

I would so like to see a Jane Austen on the stage. It is the one medium I have missed.

TONY said...

Looking at those two pictures, Vic, all I can think about is back ache!!!!!!!!!!

Raquel Sallaberry said...

Banker Chick

this year I saw Jane Austen for the first time on the stage in Brazil, it was Pride and Prejudice play.

Raquel Sallaberry said...


you are bad, bad boy... Marianne was a thin creature!

Good to see you, friend