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Sunday, October 9

Jane Austen Apple Throwdown

It's a sad fact that both Jane Austen and Steve Jobs died too young. Thanks to Steve, I can read Pride and Prejudice on my iTouch. Using iTouch I've watched Jane Austen movie adaptations in hotel lobbies and doctor's offices, looked up information about her life online, and downloaded a number of Jane Austen apps. I listen to Jane Austen novels on my iPod classic while walking my dog. In fact, it's amazing how much Steve Jobs and Jane Austen intersect in my life.
iPhone apps
Do they intersect in yours? How? You may vote for as many as apply.

How Steve Jobs and Jane Austen intersect in my life. I can access Jane on my:
Mac Book
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Raquel Sallaberry said...

Sad, indeed...

Unknown said...

I have noticed when electronic tools I buy that come with book apps seem to always have a free copy of Pride and Prejudice. Can you imagine? One of my all-time fav reads- free?
Steve Jobs definitely did us a favor. Thanks for the post!