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Friday, October 21

Misogynistic Review of Sense and Sensibility

It's a good thing that Punch Shaw waited to post his review of Sense and Sensibility, a play written by Jon Jory  and showing at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, until the last day of JASNA's annual meeting in that fair city. The janeites were probably too busy packing, attending the last few workshops, and thinking about other plans to pay his words much attention. Otherwise they might have marched en masse to his house and clobbered him with their parasols.

Punch writes his review, You'll Like Sense and Sensibility ... If You're a Woman,  for two audiences: one for women and the other for men. His review aimed at women goes like this: yadayadayadayayada-do.

His review aimed at men is also a waste of space and ether:
Do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be dragged to this overstuffed sofa of a show. No matter how badly you messed up, you did not mess up enough to merit having to sit through this parade of weepy women in strange dresses prattling on about feelings and stuff. Remember that Merchant Ivory film festival she made you go to? Well this is worse. 
Fake a fatal disease or, if necessary, enter the Federal Witness Protection Program, but do not subject yourself to this British-accented wallow in tortured romance.
Go at him, Janeites! Click here and tell him what you think.


TONY said...

Mysoginist???? I think you are being rather mild in your approbation, Vic.

We'd call him a ,TOSSER over here. Please don't ask what that means!!!!!!!

TONY said...

Actually we would probably call him something beginning with "F," and ending in ,"ing," Tosser!!!

Carolyn Crist said...

Thanks for posting this! I probably won't honor him with a comment, so I thought I would say hello to you instead :)

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

OMGoodness and this guy makes a living as a reviewer? I am agog.