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Monday, October 31

New Jane Austen Sculpture

The Dring Jane Austen Portrait
A new sculpture of writer Jane Austen has been commissioned by a Bath tourist attraction. The full-size waxwork of the author will be based on a relatively new portrait by forensic artist Melissa Dring.

Read the rest of the article about the sculpture in This is Bath


TONY said...

To tell you the truth Vic, I have always thought the above portrait is awful and a bust made from it isn't going to help. Ha! Ha!

She looks a bit too country lass and ruddy cheeked. A good pair of milkmaids arms there. aaaargh!!!!!!
( A bit of Hampshire country phraseology there.)

Vic said...

I agree, Tony. The proof of its unpopularity is in how infrequently this image is used to illustrate Jane. Oh, there are copyright issues, but bloggers could ask the artist for permission to reproduce the image and they rarely do.

Jane was supposed to have had a rosy complexion, curly brown hair, and lively eyes, but those elements translated in this picture make her look like a fishmonger's wife.

Martha said...

Hear, hear! Let's hope the translation to 3D does her more justice! I've never seen that image of her, and little wonder!