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Friday, October 14

Sense and Sensibility Graphic Novel Artist, Sonny Liew

Marvel Comic's adaptations of Jane Austen's works have been quite popular since they were published. All were written by Nancy Butler; all use different graphic novel artists. In "Progress of a comic artist", Sonny Liew, who limned Sense and Sensibility, talks about creating the art work for the comics:

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“I guess the editors saw my work and think I’m a good fit for Jane Austen for some reason,” said Liew.

 Most of the heavy lifting of the adaptation was done by the writer Nancy Butler. But Liew needed to know more about it too, and since he had not read a Jane Austen book or seen a movie based on the novels, he quickly got to work.
 “One of the toughest challenges was to gather all the visual reference needed for that kind of era – the way they dress, the architecture – you have to find material for it … I spent a lot of money on Amazon buying all that stuff,” he said.
 One of the debates he had with the writer was how close to the original should their graphic novel be and how far they want to adapt it to “modern sensibilities”. In the end they decided to stay close to the original text."

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