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Wednesday, November 2

Jane Austen Knits!

Jane Austen Knits, Interweave’s latest special issue from the editors of Spin-Off magazine, explores the knits of the Regency Era in 144 pages packed with photography. Discover over 35 patterns inspired by the captivating stories surrounding one of the greatest writers to come out of this time – Jane Austen.

Jane Austen Knits gives you: 

  • A wealth of patterns ranging from scarves, shawls, cardigans, socks, and more with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and charts!
  • A look into the knitting world of Jane Austen, her novels, and the Regency Era with fun and enlightening articles.
  • A chance to work with luxurious yarns to create exquisite garments that you will love to wear.

Preorder the Magazine at this link!


  • Knitting to Austen by Amy O'Neill Houck
  • The Mighty Muslin by Susan Forgue
  • Jane's World in History by Susan Forgue
  • Sense and Sensibility Pattern Company by Joanna Johnson
  • Jane and Knitting by Sheryl Craig
  • Regency Fashion in Color by Meghan Fernandes
  • What Would Jane Knit? by Larissa Brown
  • Jane Austen, Multitasker, by Rebecca Dickson

Projects: Country

  • Linen Work Apron by Annie Modesitt
  • Short Stays by Larissa Brown
  • Fitz Fingerless Mitts by Catherine Shields
  • Pemberley Slippers by Kristi Schueler
  • Lydia Bennet Secret Stockings by Susan Strawn
  • An Aran for Frederick by Kathleen Dames
  • Georgiana Shawlette by Susanna IC
  • Modern Reticule by Heather Zoppetti
  • Frivolous Socks by Katie Franceschi


  • Woodhouse Spencer by Jennifer Wood
  • Marianne Dashwood Stockings by Ann Kingstone
  • Lambton Top by Theressa Silver
  • Barton Cottage Shrug by Kristi Schueler
  • Elinor's Tea Cozy by Anne Berk, Valerie Allen, Jill Betts, and Elaine Blatt
  • Flower and Lace Cuffs by Carol Huebscher Rhoades
  • Fiori Pullover by Mary Annarella


  • Northanger Abbey Hood by Catherine Salter Bayar
  • Elinor Tunic by Kristi Schueler
  • Scarlet Capelet by Heather Zoppetti
  • Chawton Mittens by Anne Blayney
  • Lydia Military Spencer by Annie Modesitt
  • Mr. Knightley's Vest by Jenny Sorensen
  • Frederick & Anne Scarf by Kirsti Johanson
  • Leafy Muff by Karen Holmes
  • Theme Scarf by Stephenie Gaustad
  • Variation Scarf by Stephenie Gaustad

Emma Shrug

  • Emma Shrug by Tian Connaughton
  • Josephine Shawl by Rebecca Blair
  • Meryton Coat by Stephanie Earp
  • Kensington Mitts by Annie Modesitt
  • Miss Morland's Neckcloth by Kendra Nitta
  • Miss Bennet's Beaded Bag by Joanna Johnson
  • Sense and Fashion Handwarmers by Hannah Poon
  • Diamond and Cross Reticule by Kendra Nitta
  • Evening Spencer by Corrina Ferguson
  • Picturesque Cape by Sharon Fuller
Submitted by Patty from Brandy Parfums


*maren* said...

Oh, there are a lot of shipping cost for me in germany - but however, i have ordered :))
thanks for sharing :)

Vic said...

I just ordered mine too, Maren, but I did not have to spend as much for postage.

I want to make the handwarmers and that darling neck scarf on the cover.

Kristin said...

I've ordered it as well. I'm a real newbie knitter (only knitting for about 2 1/2 months so far), but I can't resist something crafty that's Austen-inspired like this. :)


Phoebe's Sisters said...

That's so great! Thanks for sharing. I'm not a great knitter myself but my mother is and I'm sure she'll love it as soon as I can afford to buy it :-))