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Sunday, December 4

Jane Austen Jewelry Throwdown

Jane Austen and her sister Cassandra received beautiful amber crosses from their brother Charles, a scene she repeated with Fanny and William Price in Mansfield Park. During her era, coral necklaces were also wildly popular. This week's question asks you: Which would you prefer to receive as a gift from a loved one? An amber cross necklace or a coral necklace?

Amber crosses for Jane and Cassandra from Charles
Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford
Jane Austen Jewelry Throwdown: I prefer
 An amber cross necklace
 A coral necklace free polls 
Read about Coral Necklaces, Regency Style at this link.


Martha said...

I always wondered, in P&P '95, why Jane was wearing a big chunky coral necklace in one scene. It looked so out of place to me, like an extra from June Cleaver's wardrobe! Now it all makes sense! I'm a huge fan of amber- it's just so surreal and warm looking.

*maren* said...

I love amber and i love red corals too (much more i like the white ones), but i dont like wearing crosses - thats why i voted for the coral necklace.