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Wednesday, December 21

Shopping Jane Austen: 4 days before Christmas - Jane Austen's Letters, edited by Deirdre Le Faye

Oh, what's a Jane Austen fan to do when she's purchasing something for another Janeite who possesses every possible book and item about her favorite author? Why give her the 4th edition of Deirdre Le Faye's Jane Austen's Letters of course.

Two inches thick - yes 2 inches! -this book, printed by Oxford University Press, should sit on every Janeite's book shelf. While I own both a Nook and a Kindle, may I suggest a printed, hard copy version in this instance.
"These are the letters of our greatest novelist. They give glances and hints at her life from the age of 20 to her death at 41, the years in which she wrote her six imperishable books." -Claire Tomalin, Independent on Sunday
The book's features include:
  • An unparalleled and irresistible insight into the life of Jane Austen
  • A complete and accurate transcript of all Austen's letters as known to date
  • Integrates the discoveries of recent Austen scholarship to reveal more about her life and family
About the book's editor:
Deirdre Le Faye, now retired, worked for many years in the Department of Medieval & Later Antiquities at the British Museum. She started researching the life and times of Jane Austen and her family in the 1970s, and since then has written several books about them, the latest being A Chronology of Jane Austen and her Family 1600-2000, as well as numerous articles in literary journals.
Purchase the book at Oxford University Press

1 comment:

lahbluebonnet said...

Well, I just bought the 3rd edition for my daughter who saw it in the bookstore and wanted it for Christmas. It said New Edition so we thought it was the newest. But it's the same editor.