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Sunday, January 15

Downton Abbey or Golden Globes: Which Did You Watch?

What a dilemma! Watch Downton Abbey or watch Downton Abbey win a possible award at the Golden Globes. Both can be TVod, and Downton Abbey can be streamed on PBS the day after. Curious minds want to know:
Lady Sibyl bakes a cake
Did you watch Downton Abbey Season 2, Episode 2 live? Or were you glued to the Golden Globes and Ricky Gervais's caustic comments? Congratulations Downton Abbey for winning best mini-series. Elizabeth McGovern lost to Kate Winslet, which I suppose is somewhat acceptable, and Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith lost out as well, which made me sad.
Elizabeth McGovern (Cora, Lady Grantham) at
the 2012 Golden Globes Awards

Did you watch Downton Abbey or the Golden Globes Ceremony?
I watched Downton Abbey, 'natch
I'll watch Downton Abbey online streaming or TVO
I watched the Golden Globes. Who can resist live TV and all that glamour?
I'll watch the Golden Globes streaming. Who cares about these endless awards shows?
I watched neither. free polls 


Anne October said...
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Nonna said...

I watched Downton Abbey and DVR'd the Golden Globes... so I could fast forward through all the vampid interviews pre-show and just watch the show parts I was interested in seeing..took me about 15 minutes total, easier than the 3+ hours and commercial breaks !!!

Farmwife said...

I watched Downton Abbey of course.

The Red Velvet Shoe said...

I watched the GG's until Downton Abbey started, which was perfectly timed as I was able to see them win! Ms. McGovern looked so lovely!