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Tuesday, January 10

Jane Austen: Still and Always Relevant

In 'Dating tips from Dickens, Austen and Tolstoy', authors Maura Kelly and Jack Murnighan discuss their book, Much Ado About Loving, which is about love lessons from literature. Here's what they said about Jane Austen:

...even with books written during an era when courtship was so much more formal — there’s a lot of philandering and a lot of wondering about where relationships are going that feels familiar. Maybe even more, with Austen, there are questions about finding the person who will help you become your true self, and your best self — about self-realization — which feel very relevant.
Here's the link to the article on Salon.

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MomWaldsPlace said...

My teen and I watch Jane Austen and other period dramas together, and end up talking a lot about relationships. Thanks Jane!