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Monday, March 26

Great Expectations Coming to PBS April 1

This image of Gillian Anderson as Miss Havingsham says
it all about the lush new production of Great Expectations
PBS will celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens life with a lush adaptation of his classic, Great Expectations this Sunday, April 1. The special, shown over three Sundays, is a visual delight. The cast is filled with knowns - Ray Winstone and David Suchet - and unknowns, Douglas Booth and Izzy Meikle-Small.
Douglas Booth as Pip
The sets and settings are gorgeous. The photography is outstanding. Look for my review soon.

Miss Haversham's wedding banquet awaits guests that will never enjoy it.
Series title


Nonna said...

Glad Gillian has been doing something besides introducing episodes of Masterpiece on PBS. The photo reminds me of episodes of "The X-Files" If her portrayal of Lady Deadlock is a measure, she will be fine as Miss Haversham !

Little Dorrit said...

Looks like Gillian Anderson liked classic drama after her experience with "Bleak House"! I've already seen this new production, and yes it's good. Except that I'd say the choice of Estella is a bit questionable... but, well, tastes differ. I just imagined her to be different, that's all.

BurtonBookReview said...

I've got this on my reminders =) Been looking forward to it for a month already. Gillian looks fab in that photo!


Miss Laurie of Old-Fashioned Charm said...

Although it's quite a different take on the book I loved this adaptation! It also made the characters a bit more likable for me. Gillian Anderson was wonderful as Miss Havisham! Looking forward to seeing it again and reading your review! :)

Sassyb said...

I went to the PBS site and it won't let me watch anything on there. Is it because I am in Australia? While I was there I got excited because I thought I could finally watch full episodes of Little Dorrit. But again it would not let me watch it. Do you know of any other safe sites they might allow me to watch it?