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Saturday, March 3

A Sartorial Mr Knightley

Mark Strong, who played Mr. Knightley in the 1996 A&E version of Emma, is still looking handsome these days and quite splendid in his three-piece suit.
Mark Strong at the premier of John Carter.
Recently Mark has made a career out of playing bad guys, most notably as Septimus in Stardust.

Mark Strong as Septimus
His latest acting venture is in the Disney 3-D flick, John Carter. Such sci-fi flicks are not up my alley, but Mr. Strong certainly is.
Mark Strong as Mr. Knightley
Here's a previous post about Mr. Strong on this blog. 


MomWaldsPlace said...

Wow, 1986 was a scary long time ago. It doesn't seem like it.

Vic said...

It IS a long time, Mom Wald. I mis-typed, and meant to say 1996.

Thank you for pointing this out. I think Kate Beckinsale would not have been old enough in 86 to play Emma!

Nonna said...

Just watched that version of 'Emma" and enjoyed it all over again. Mark Strong can play anything, the mark of a good actor !