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Sunday, April 1

About Douglas Booth, Who Plays Pip in Great Expectations

Douglas Booth as Pip
Who has ever seen a lovelier Pip than Douglas Booth, who stars in PBS's Great Expectations, starting tonight at 9 PM local time? My main problem with the series was that Pip is more beautiful than Estella, played by Vanessa Kirby. Her quieter features are eclipsed by Booth's more striking ones.
Vanessa Kirby as Estella and Douglas Booth as Pip
The coloring of Booth's face is youthfully fresh and of the sort that women try to emulate with makeup- dark brows, rosy lips and cheeks, striking contrast between eyelashes and skin.
Douglas Booth, second from left, and a Burberry ad with Emma Watson, right
It is no wonder that Booth spent his years as a male model before becoming an actor. With this role, Booth has become a member of the "corset" crew, which is made up of young, attractive socialite actors who have performed in a costume drama.
Kirby and Booth in modern dress at a fashion show
Booth was born in 1992  in Greenwich, south-east London. His dad works Citigroup and his half-Spanish, half-Dutch mother is an artist. He went to top schools in Kent and acted with the National Youth Theatre.
Booth as Boy George, second from left

In  2010 he landed the meaty role of Boy George in the TV movie, Worried About the Boy and he hasn't looked back since. Douglas has recently completed filming a new production of Romeo and Julie. Let's hope he's not prettier than his co-star again.
Pip receives an important document from Miss Havisham (Gillian Anderson)
You can watch Booth mainly in the 2nd half of the 1st installment and the 2nd installment of Great Expectations, which premiers on PBS tonight

The Cast
Abel Magwitch, by Ray Winstone
Miss Havisham, by Gillian Anderson
Jaggers, by David Suchet
Pip by Douglas Booth
Anxious Man, by Michael Colgan
Mike, by Steve Lately
Wemmick, by Paul Ritter
Herbert Pocket, by Harry Lloyd
Compeyson, by Paul Rhys
Joe Gargery, by Shaun Dooley
Clara, by Perdita Weeks
Molly, by Susan Lynch
Bentley Drummle, by Tom Burke
Dolge Orlick, by Jack Roth
Estella, by Vanessa Kirby
Mrs Brandley, by Frances Barber
Estella's Admirer, by Will Tudor
Mrs Joe, by Claire Rushbrook
Pumblechook, by Mark Addy

Director - Brian Kirk
Producer - George Ormond
Writer - Sarah Phelps


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Tatiana said...

I just watched this movie- it was very well done. (Of course, what else would you expect from BBC?) I must admit though, looking at him was definitely the highlight ;)