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Monday, January 15

What Did Jane Austen Look Like?

The Many Faces of Jane does an admirable job of presenting the few images of Jane that exist.

More images are shown in the Jane Austen Ebooks site. As you see, some of them are duplicates from the first site.

Here is a portrait painted by someone who studied her images and those of her family, and then painted a current likeness of her. Jane also visited or lived at these places and sites .

The image I've settled on is not my favorite, but it's the one I see the most often: The watercolour her sister Cassandra painted in 1810. Find it at the bottom of this post on the right. See both depictions of Jane that are shown on this post here.


Susan said...

Those are lovely and probably close to being accurate.

Thanks for inspiring me to read Jane Austen again.

Do you have any suggestions about what book I should begin with or the best order of reading them?

Vic said...

Susan, I would definitely save Persuasion for last. For me, I always read Pride and Prejudice in winter. Northanger Abbey around Halloween, and the others as I feel like it inbetween.

One method I've never tried is reading the novels in the order as written. Ah, well. Perhaps one day.

Be that as it may, each year, I look forward to learning about Jane and her characters anew!

Thank you for asking. The order is really up to you. Jane does not disappoint. Ever.

Anonymous said...

thankyouu for thiis.
im lauren and my friend paris are researing for school and all about authors and she is our favoriite thankyouu

! xx