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Thursday, May 31

Review of The Jane Austen Handbook

Book Review: The Jane Austen Handbook: A Sensible Yet Elegant Guide to Her World, by Margaret C. Sullivan (Editrix of Austen Blog)

This book is both informative and a hoot. Two of us Janeites on the James looked through it today at lunch with delight, knowing we had found a fun, informative, and handy Jane guide. I loved the appendix most, and the glossary alone is worth my money. Ms. Leellie, a tad younger than moi, just couldn’t get enough of marriage proposals, engagements, and the like.

If you would like a quick reference about attire, carriages, getting around, playing card games, servants by duty and rank, treating the sick, giving dinner parties, and attending balls, then this guide presents information about them all in an easy and accessible format.

I think this book would be a particularly useful introduction for young Janeites who have just discovered their passion for Jane Austen. As for those of us who are slightly longer in the tooth and who have loved Jane for almost as long as she's been buried, this is a must-have, quick pocket reference.

My Rating: Three Regency Fans
Run, don’t walk to the bookstore and purchase this guide.

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Lady Jane said...

I just bought it this afternoon and have read about 40 pages. It is very fun and elegant! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so glad! Yes, it is a very quick read, isn't it? But full of information.

Anonymous said...

Will I creep you out if I say thank you?

If not, then thank you! So glad you all are enjoying the book. It's meant to be fun, but still informative (though longtime Janeites will know a lot of the stuff in it already, I think).

Vic said...

No creeping out. Just want to return the thank you. It's a wonderful book, and I hope you're into your second and third editions.