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Monday, June 11

The Georgian House in Charlotte Square

The Georgian House at #7 Charlotte Square in New Town, Edinburgh, Scotland is a fine example of Georgian architecture. The square was designed by Robert Adam in 1792, but he did not live to see it built. The house itself was designed by Edward Butterworth and built in 1796, strictly following Adam's plan.

The Georgian House Teach Pack, a 42 page PDF document, is designed to teach children (and others who are interested) about the intimate details of a Georgian house and its occupants. While Jane Austen did not travel to Scotland, this house provides an insight into the every day life of a middle-class family during her era. The teach pack itself is full of interesting details and activities, especially about life below stairs.

The house has been restored and furnished in the manner of the late 18th and early 18th century by the National Trust of Scotland, and is open to the public.

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