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Tuesday, October 9

Lydia Bennet's Journal

Oh, how wonderful. How droll. Lydia Bennet kept a journal in bygone years, and blog author Jane Odiwe of Austen Effusions has uncovered it.

Lydia's journal begins thus:

I, Lydia Marianne Bennet, have decided this day to record the fortunes and adventures which so oft befall a young lady in a country village, namely, those of yours truly - though truth to tell, Longbourn is as dull as ditchwater and as yet, my escapades have been few and far between! I live in Longbourn, near Meryton, ( a vastly entertaining place) and have two parents still living and the blessing of sibling love; four elder sisters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary and Kitty, whom I greatly esteem, despite their resolution to instruct me in all concerns and meddle in my affairs.
I suspect Lydia's journal will reveal what went through our erstwhile young maid's mind as she and her sister Kitty solicited the admiration and advances of the soldiers stationed in Meryton. Click here often for a wonderful romp in the past.

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