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Monday, November 5

Icon Contest: Please Vote for Your Favorite!

I cannot tell you what a difficult time author Lori Smith and I had choosing these icons. She chose ten, and I chose ten. Our overlapping choices definitely made the cut, but then I had to decide the rest, and I chewed my nails down to the nub deciding on the finalists. In fact, the close runners up sit in the honorable mention section.

Now it is your turn to vote. Please choose your favorite icon. You may vote once a day for a week. I will announce the winner next Monday night. If there is a tie, there will be a 'sudden death' vote off! You have until midnight Sunday, November 11th and you may vote once per day.

Here are your choices in no particular order:

What woman wouldn't want Colonel Brandon to worry about her health?
Sent in by Lois.

Here are two Matthews as Mr. Darcy for the price of one!
Submitted by DJVivash. She sent several that were to die for.

Jane and candles: A fabulous combination!
Submitted by Lana

This is an animated GIF icon of Darcy walking out of the mist. Please click here to see it.
Submitted by Darcylicious

Doesn't Jennifer Ehle simply look wholesome and wonderful as Lizzie in this icon made by _oddities on Livejournal?
Submitted by Sonetta

Pride and Prejudice in a nutshell. The stances and words say it all.
Submitted by Cubbie

James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy. Who can object?
Submitted by Kayla

Captain Wentworth by candlelight. I agree with Ann Eliot: This man is well worth waiting for.
Submitted by Heather

Anne reading the captain's letter in an animated GIF icon. Click here to see it.
Submitted by Diane.

Jane purists hated this scene, but I am still cooling off at the thought of our Mr. Darcy in a wet shirt. Sent in by Bookworm.

Anne might be more beautiful than Jane, but she played her quite becomingly.
Submitted by Lilac Butterfly

Our proud Mr. Darcy was sent in by Kayla


Which Icon Do You Like Most?
Colonel Brandon
Two Darcys
Jane and Candles
Darcy in the Mist
Wholesome Lizzie
Pride and Prejudice
James McAvoy as Tom
Captain Wentworth
Animated Persuasion
Wet Darcy
Anne as Jane Austen
Proud Mr. Darcy
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Honorable Mentions:

This screen shot submitted by Paula was too large to successfully turn into the smaller icon, but I wanted to showcase it for its humor.

In addition, I really like these icons too:

Ah, Mr. Colins, you would be ridiculous in any age. Thanks for sending this on Sharon T.

I adore this photo of Keira and Matthew, from which Lady Jane created this icon. DJVivash also used this image to create a luscious icon.

Emma Thompson as Elinor looking so very lovely.
Submitted by Mascha. She also submitted the breathtaking image of Marianne below.

Heather sent us her dream house. Mmmm. I wonder if it comes with Mr. Darcy?

Kayla sent in an icon of Lydia. How fabulous to view a secondary character.

Lois knew that Emma and her Mr. Knightley only have eyes for each other.

Kate Winslet made the tiresome Marianne seem adorable. Sent in by Kayla.

Kayla sent in this one of Jane and Tom. He seems so in love.

Lois sent in this lovely image of Toni Collette as Harriet Smith. I love seeing the secondary characters.

I keep returning to this animated icon made by Cubby. It was hard to choose between this one and Darcy walking through the mist.

Here's another one I made. It's a bit large but I just had to throw it in.


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Vic said...

Thanks, bookworm. Sorry, I was out of town and unable to fix this. Will do so today.