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Saturday, December 15

Happy 232nd Birthday, Jane Austen

I won't describe Jane Austen's birth on December 16th, 1775 in much detail when Claire Tomalin does it so much better. Click here to read the first chapter of her informative book, Jane Austen: A Life. In this passage you will learn that the Rev. George Bennet thought to nickname his second daughter Jenny; that, although Mrs. Austen was a month overdue by their reckoning, Jane arrived so quickly and easily there was no need to call a doctor; and that a recent frost had iced a local pond well enough for the elder Austen boys to slide over its frozen surface.
Our fellow Janeites up north have a Jane birthday treat in store for them this Sunday evening: The first showing of Northanger Abbey, 2007 on TVO Canada at 9 p.m. Oh, how I envy this celebration! Y'all let us know how much you liked the viewing, y'hear? Here's more about Northanger Abbey.

In honor of Northanger Abbey, I wrote a post about its long journey to print. Click here to read it.

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